Dale Wilcox

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"Deep, warm, resonant, articulate, professional..."
Dale Wilcox

Smooth and engaging
Excellent ability to connect with listeners

"resonant, articulate, professional...warm..."
—Victor D. Lopez, professor Hoffstra University, author of "Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories."


Joe Cipriano - Promos (cohort of Don LaFontaine and voice of Promos for FOX and CBS for 10+ years)
J. Michael Collins - Medical, E-Learning, Corporate, Explainer Narrations (voicetalent and producer of an enormous number of Award Winning VO demo reels)
Debi Derryberry - Animation and Characters (voice of "Jimmy Neutron" and hundreds of other animation characters)
Dave Walsh - Commercials (studio executive CBS/Paramount, narrator for Entertainment Tonight, Biggest Loser, TLC's Modern Marvels, and many, many more)
Kelly Doherty - Radio Imaging, Live Announce (Radio Imaging for KLUV, and many, many more)
Marc Scott
Betty Zoeller, Bill DeWees, Dan Lennard, George Whitham etc.
Hundreds of VO seminars and webinars
Dallas School of Music - Singing (bass + baritone)
Economics and Global Business at the Graduate level, Computer Science as an undergrad


IBM explainer video with DreamingFish Productions London
Audiobooks currently offered on audible.com, iTunes and amazon.com
Volunteer Audiobook narratior, Texas Reading and Radio Resources, Dallas Reading and Taping for the Blind
Fund Raising Dinner Theater Richardson Womens Organization
Lorimar Television - original "Dallas"
Training films for the Texas Dept. of Public Safety
University Theater Productions of "Dracula" (as Van Helsing,), "Love Letters"


Medical, Biomedical and Pharma Narration