Dahlia Wilde

Dahlia Wilde

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"Original, Energetic, Versatile, Creative, EU/USA VO Artist"

Highly trained, experienced, unique, supportive creative voice-over talent with EU(German), USA citizenship. I have performed on tv, stage, radio, film, corporate, educational and internet projects. I am also an Award-Winning Writer - Walt Disney Feature Writing Fellow, New York Foundation for the Arts Playwriting Fellow, CBS Directing Fellow, Fox Searclab Writing/Directing Fellow, etc. I have worked with colleagues all over the world. I work with many animators, sound editors/engineers and picture editors. I have done ADR, etc.



Duke University, North Carolina
Oxford University, Oxford UK
Circle-In-The-Square Theatre School, NYC
The Groundlings, Los Angeles
Second City, Los Angeles
Sandy Meisner School, Los Angeles


Walt Disney Studios, Fox Studios, CBS Studios, Levi's, ZIMA Gold, Larry Lyttle Company (ADR), Guest Star on FOX TV


I have a fully equipped home studio and also collaborate with LA/NYC/UK/EU sound engineers/sound editors.