Claire Gresham

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"A warm, confident, & rich natural sound, a fresh & playful read"
Claire Gresham

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Since beginning my voiceover career in 2010, I have developed a network of loyal clients. Customer service is my number one priority and I take pride in how my voice talents are used and how they represent me as a performer. As such, you can be confident that when you book me for a job, you will be booking a professional that will work with you to ensure that you have the perfect voiceover for your project.

I have a powerful, charismatic, and deep female voice with a generic American dialect. The naturally rich tone of my voice contributes to a sense of vocal gravitas, excellent for narration and audiobooks. My voice is commanding but also versatile, with a personal penchant for creating characters for video games and animations. I love to flex my natural sound into a variety of different characterizations from a ditzy millennial to an alien monster to Lady Bracknell, and everywhere in between.

Whether you are producing a commercial, a documentary, an audiobook, an independent video game, a corporate piece for use internally or with clients, or even your company's automated telephone attendant, I have the experience and versatility to bring that special something to your script and lift the words right off the page. Coming from a theatre background, I love storytelling and enjoy creative voice work, making bold choices and imbuing copy with humor, intelligence, and inner life. I am very direct-able and am always up for a challenge!

I have a true passion for vocal performance and love what I do. Working with me means working with an experienced and talented voiceover professional that cares about her craft and her clients.


I have worked as a voiceover artist for the past ten years on a wide range of projects. My voice has been used on the radio, on the web, and in live theatrical performances. I have narrated several audiobooks, primarily in the Young Adult Occult Fiction niche, however I have also worked in the Self-Help, Biography, and Nonfiction audiobook genres. My voice has been used for technical training and eLearning, as well as for video games and animations. I have been the voice for internal IVR systems and even recorded a pop song for a commercial pitch. I have a wealth of experience and I am always looking to add to my repertoire.
My voice training never stops, I am always looking to grow and improve as a performer in order to be able to offer the most top of the line service to my clients.

I received my undergraduate education at Tulane University in New Orleans, where I studied various performance techniques as a theatre major with Buzz Podewell, Ron Gural, and Paul Schierhorn, among others.

Additional training has included a Voice Acting for Video Games Master Class with Jennifer Hale, Commecial Voiceover Advanced Technique Course with Paul Liberti, Coaching with Eamonn Farrell, and ongoing training and support with Gravy for the Brain, among others.


Having worked with clients such as American Express, Genius Orbit, Clipper Card, Connectworks, QiYi Music, Reflections of Life 8, and UCI Irvine, as well as having been the voice for the five-part "Future Cities" web series for Skift/MasterCard, I am a full-time professional voice actor operating from a high quality home studio and I look forward to bringing both my experience and my passion for vocal performance to the table for you!

Currently, I am producing a series of twelve audiobooks for the popular Young Adult series "The Day Twelve Witches Burned" by Grace M. DeLeesie. Books One through Three are available on for download and Book Four is in production, slated to be available in Fall 2018.


I have a fully outfitted professional home studio and am capable of delivering quality audio tracks on demand. Hardware: Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone with CL-1 CloudLifter Mic Activator, or Sennheiser MK4 Condenser Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface and Adobe Audition Editing Suite. I am able to edit and master files and can add in music or sfx as needed.

My passion is storytelling, and thusly I love creating complex and dynamic characters and bringing my theatrical background to my voiceover work. I am interested in Shakespeare, video games, science fiction/fantasy, cartoons, sketch comedy and improv.

Personally, I am a dog person, a baker, a painter, a writer, an authority on the James Bond franchise, a coffee enthusiast, and a Blistex addict.

I am also a complete perfectionist and will work very hard with you to ensure that my deliverables are of the highest quality.