Cinde Aslana

Cinde Aslana

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"Smooth, silky, Indie voice motivating and chill"

My voice creates an interesting vocal landscape that's sophisticated, calming, soothing comforting, motivating, skillful, engaging, even funny.
Imagine siting in your favorite pajamas and slippers on your couch after a hard day, my voice comes in and its tone is of golden warm honey that comforts and soothes and relaxes you. You soon forget all the worries. Now imagine as my voice takes you on a journey, perhaps a vacation tour through Tuscany with a cheerful warm description that keeps you wanting to listen on. Now imagine as you groggily wake up to exercise, Im here speaking to you to encourage, motivate, and engaging you.


Such a Voice and Gravy for the Brain
Vocal Training and coaching with J Michael collins, Megan McPhee, Joleen Dirks, Rosemary Watson,


Fiestaware, Lacassarole, Conch Republic tourism, Meditations, Fitness videos.


vo. post production, Audition