Christie Crossley

Christie Crossley

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"Playful and Professional East Coast VO"

My vocal sound is genuine, heartfelt, conversational, and believable. Listen to my demo and see for yourself!

I've provided professional services for commercials, audiobooks both short and long, children's video game characters, and even DJ drops for a fantastic EDM station in Spain.

In 2018, I began to set up my own home studio and I've enjoyed the last 3 years of growth. This is such a fun and versatile industry, which I'm great for because I'm the kind of person who really likes to connect with a variety of people and cultures. I've got respect for people's unique natures and hope to bring happiness and connect with many people in the world through my VO work.

I really just love voice over. That's not hard to do, but I spend my free time learning how to improve my acting and my personal engineering skills. I love the VO community and if I can't perform the role you're trying to fill, I'm happy to refer you to friends of mine who might be able to fit the bill.


Edge Studios - completed Fall 2020

Gravy For The Brain - various courses through 2019 & early 2020

The Broadcast Institute of Maryland - completed 2005

Theater & Choral performance experience and instruction from 1986-1998


I have spent the last 3 years, plus 2005-2007, learning and serving as a voiceover artist.

- I've received recognition for "Outstanding Excellence for Voice Over/Narration" @ Nature Without Borders International Film Festival for a documentary narrated for award-winning cinematographer Christopher Lapinski. The documentary has been an official selection in a multitude of Film Festivals internationally in 2020 and with continued scheduling in 2021.
- I've provided audio through remote & self-direction for commercials for companies like Stripe Financial, Keystone Resort, BIC, and Shandon Travel.
- I've handled file splitting and ACX formatting standards for audiobooks both long and short, for educational publishers as well as independent authors.
- I've submitted hundreds of split files of character voices to Polygon Play in Spain for:
- I've provided "one take" game promo audio for Lilith Games.


- Remote recording via Source Connect Standard, Skype, Phone call, or others
- Minor cleanup or deep track analysis using RX7 Advanced with spectrogram analysis.
- Compression using 1176LN
- Normalization
- Meet ACX audiobook submission standards (
- Ensure LUFS/LKFS Standards are met
- Low noise floor