Christian Mahne

Christian Mahne

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"An approachable British male voice. Mature and authoritative."

BBC English. Specialising in bringing character, authenticity and authority to scripts.

A news reporter for BBC and CNN I have many years experience writing, reading and presenting news, feature and documentary narration.

I run a media production company for which I often record voiceovers for the corporate, e-learning, commercial videos and animations we produce.

Experienced public speaker having been a local politician in England.

Educated at Eton and Oxford with many years working in London and south-east England. Rowed in the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race in 1994.
Spent six years living and working in Australia.

Voice style is:
BBC English
Middle Class
Upper Class ( Posh )
London / South East accent

Equipment in studio is:
Electro Voice RE20 mic
Audient ID4 encoder
Isolation room.
Editing using Logic Pro and Pro Tools.


Broadcast Journalist with BBC News and then CNN for over a decade.
Undertook their standard reporter courses from voice, to appearance and working in hostile environments. Plus technical courses - editing in Final Cut Pro for video and Reaper and Logic Pro for audio
Ad hoc voice-over courses since then.


I ran an outside broadcast news operation for CNN while being pelted by stones and teargas at a G7 summit in Prague!
Have broadcast from around the world including 4 years as a foreign correspondent for the BBC in Australia which required regular live and pre-recorded work for TV and Radio.
Record (and edit) audiobooks for ACX and podcasts for my production company clients.


Running a production company, I can edit/master audio and video and manage on-location productions. Never leave without the story!
Of half German ancestry, my great grandfather was Dr. Willi Meinhardt, co-founder of Osram, so a keen interest in tech and engineering runs in the family.