Chris Fisanick

Chris Fisanick

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"Authoritative or friendly--characters included!"

I began as an FM disc jockey, left the field, and returned a few years ago to become a government podcaster and narrator/actor in attorney training films. I have a clear, articulate delivery with a neutral American accent. In addition, I know how my voice should sound in different settings, be it authoritative in training films or engaging in commercials or IVR, and can engineer it accordingly in my own studio. That said, I can also do a few accents and voices if needed. I work quickly and professionally and aim to please my clients.


On the job training as an on-air personality in the U.S. at three radio stations, long-time podcaster, student of one of the best VO artists on the US West Coast, Rodney Saulsberry.


I worked at the largest FM station in the local market. Currently, I have my own podcast and have narrated and acted in training videos


I have a fully featured studio with good equipment and specialized experience in directing and engineering VO performances. I've written copy and done voices, a few of which are featured on my demo. (The last selection of my main demo has me doing all three male parts.) I can also do Received Pronunciation or BBC Pronunciation if needed.