Chris Shapcotte

Chris Shapcotte

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"Youthful and fun - I'm the friendly guy next door!"

Thanks for taking a look at my profile - I hope we have a chance to work together and create something special.
Take a listen to my demos, and you'll hear a friendly and youthful energy.

I'm the guy next door, your favorite uncle, or a friendly teenager.
My naturally happy sound is never forced or cheesy, because it's sincere.
I bring passion to each script, and always strive to do my best.

From sell lines, to characters... I love doing it all!


Having spent the last 12 years working daily for radio stations across Canada has given me a vast experience with voice over, both from recording myself to coaching other talents.
I now work full time from my own home studio.


I've been lucky to work with some amazing clients so far in my VO career.
I was the voice on a campaign for that won a national Canadian award for radio station produced commercials in 2018.
I am the voice of ReelWorld Radio, a streaming radio station well worth listening to if you have a love for current pop music.
I now do regular narration for a popular YouTube channel with well over a million subscribers (and growing).
I've also done voice work for Subway, Esso, Burger King, and Cayman Airways just to name a few.


I am a multi-award winning and experienced audio producer for radio station branding.
I've spent over 10 years working in markets across Canada, and the last 9 years producing radio branding and specialty content in Toronto - everything from national radio specials for the Grammy Awards, and Christmas specials airing all over Canada, to contesting and concert promotional materials.
Given my audio production experience, I have a high standard for audio quality in my voice over recordings, and some insight on how audio is used in post-production. This helps give me an edge when it comes to special requests, or working with equipment.