Chilu Lemba

Chilu Lemba

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"One of Africa's most in demand voices (with a neutral accent)"

Chilu has twenty five years of experience as a voiceover artist. Having started his career when voice was recorded onto analog reel tapes, he’s consolidated his place as an in demand artist, even in the era of Digital Audio Workstations. From intimate narration of company training videos where staff use headphones to listen in, to his voice filling stadiums and auditoriums at events such as the Africa Cup of Nations opening ceremony, the Kora All Africa Music Awards or the CNN/ Multichoice Africa Journalist of the Year Awards, his strong voice lends a sense of warmth and sincerity to countless projects annually. Chilu is in the league of artists whose voices are heard daily across the African continent bringing radio commercials, television episodes and public announcements to life. In 2019, he authored his memoir titled Finding My Voice which chronicles his fascinating life story.


On-the job training from various mentors over the years


Voiceovers for big brands such as Samsung, Fifa and Coca Cola stand out. View some of these works here:
Presently, the voice is heard hourly as the imaging voice on four radio stations in South Africa, one Pan African television news channel as well as one station in his native Zambia.


I edit audio but just enough for clean takes in readiness for a pro sound engineer to take over