Chihoko Oji

Chihoko Oji

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"An expert who can speak so beautiful correct Japanese fluently."

Chihoko is a professionally trained, voiceover artist born and raised in Japan.

With over 15 years of experience as an announcer for broadcasting stations (television and radio) and my current skills as a speech coach, I can responsibly provide correct and beautiful narration in Japanese.
My voice is stable, easy to hear, authentic, warm, sophisticated, inclusive, wise, very reliable, clear and core, confident, smooth, and moist. I can also make it sometimes cool, sexy, childish, friendly young women, parenting mothers, cheerful seniors, and flat voices. I will reproduce exactly what you want in the way you want.

My purpose in Life is to send gratitude with the power of voice and words to create a happier world. Because that is all I have cultivated.
Let's make good things together!
Please check my profile & voice-over demo, and contact me.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


I have been taught narration techniques from a senior announcer at a TV and radio station. Through live broadcasts, news programs, program narration, documentaries, commercials, etc., I have acquired sophisticated narration skills. Recently, I took a special lesson from two Japanese narrators for three months.


As a newscaster and a program host, I have conveyed information accurately and in beautiful Japanese even on live programs. As Chief Announcer, I have coached my juniors and worked with cameramen and directors to create better content. I'm always professional in any job and will do my best to tackle the task at hand.


I have a Japanese qualification recognized as being able to speak Japanese very fluently. I am giving lessons to help people to speak more attractively.
I have a high-quality home studio.