Chiara Gandolfi

Chiara Gandolfi

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"Italian female voice: bright, flexible and expressive"

I'm Chiara Gandolfi and I'm an Italian voice-over talent.
My voice is bright, flexible and expressive, capable of enhancing a text with nuances and expression: from the narrative to the advertising tone, from the institutional tone to one that is warm and deep, from cartoons to character customizations. I like telling about places to visit, art venues in which to get lost, about products improving people’s lives, about love stories in well-written tales.


- Graduating high school - Liceo Classico
- Degree in Communication Sciences
- Diction course with Paolo De Santis, dubber
- Acting course with Roberto Graziosi, actor and director
- Acting course at the Teatro Prova Bergamo
- Vocal coaching with actor Mario Massari
- Vocal coaching with actress Franca Grimaldi


- Voice Actress freelance at My Italian Voice
- Radio speaker at Radio Number One, Milan, Italy
- Radio speaker at Radio Azzurra, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
- Speaker at various recording studios to produce radio and video advertisements, audiobooks, interactive fairy tales and documentaries.
- Narrator’s voice at various Live readings
- Presenter of events
- Theatre and musical actress


Why should you pick me? For at least 4 good reasons

I have recorded thousands of video voice-overs over the last 15 years. Definitely, it is the activity that takes up most of my time. Documentaries, e-learning courses, training courses, institutional videos, advertising videos, promotional videos, corporate videos: for each of these categories, I offer you my voice to naturally and professionally enhance your message.

Perfect pronunciation
In Italy, we have many dialects and many, many accents, but don’t worry: I have studied diction, acting and intonation to ensure a professional native voice that records in standard Italian without regional accents. You can hear the difference between those who have worked on their voice and those who haven’t. If you’re not Italian, though, you may not be able to hear the intonation difference. With me, you can rest assured.

Home studio and fast delivery times
I can record at any time of the day thanks to my home studio in Paris, so that you get the audio you need within a few hours. I work remotely with studios all over the world. Just send me the video script and, within 48 hours, you’ll find my recording in your inbox. If you want to attend the recording or lead the artistic direction, we can connect during the recording session so that you can hear the recording live, and give me any indication that you deem appropriate.

Proofreading of the text
You have doubts about the Italian translation of your text? Don’t worry, we’ll proofread it. Besides being a voice over talent, I am an advertising copywriter: if I find grammar or translation mistakes in your text, or even complicated or archaic expressions that are not currently used in the Italian language, I’ll correct them and make the script more readable and, above all, listenable.