Cheryl Kanekar

Cheryl Kanekar

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"I have an urban Indian accent with a slight British twinge."

I have a low calm serene, but sing-song, voice, with an urban Indian accent that can sound slightly British. I can do some Indian regional accents, speak 3 Indian languages fluently (Hindi/Urdu, Marathi and Konkani) and read the Devanagari script.


I have an M.A. in TV, Film and New Media from San Diego State University. I've taken many improvisational comedy classes from Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) in Los Angeles and currently hold a Diversity Scholarship from UCB. I've also learnt by working in the industry, first from the other side of the mic/camera, as a writer-director and editor, where I worked with voice actors, and then by doing voice acting and narration for animated comedy, podcasts and documentary TV trailers.


I voiced several characters with some improv for the animated comedy film "Don't Get Me Wrong" (director: Corin Sherman) and the audio drama VAST Horizons (Fool and Scholar Productions). I narrated a story for the Rebel Girls podcast (director: Matt Beagle). a short video about disability inclusion for the World Food Programme, two stories for Temple of Story by Kendricks Productions, and a PBS documentary trailer for the documentary "A Pyramid of Women".


I play the flute and compose music for solo flute. I sing Western and Indian songs.