Charlotte Warner

Charlotte Warner

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"Extremely clear, honest and fresh with a natural innocence to it"

I am an actor and voiceover artist with a voice that is extremely clear and honest but also has an innocence to it that allows me to sound extremely youthful.
I have been praised for my strong reading comprehension, ability to take direction well and capability to achieve success in few takes.
You can listen to my voice reel's with examples of commercials, documentary narration and audiobooks that showcase my various skills and abilities.


I originally trained as an Actor, receiving a Drama Degree from University of Exeter in 2013; I first engaged in voiceover work during my course, using their recording studio to create audio for stage shows. I then moved to London where I gained experience in a variety of styles of performance, it was here that I developed my interest in Voiceover and was given various opportunities to improve my skills in the studio.


My biggest achievement to date is my most recent job in which I recorded the Voiceover for Facebook Portal's Set Up Guide/Tutorial Video. It was a fantastic opportunity and a great experience to work with the clients in LA. It was recorded in December 2019 and will be released 2020.


As an actor I am particularly good at changing my voice to suit different characters, making me particularly adaptable to different characters in cartoons or audiobooks.