Chuck Galco

Chuck Galco

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"Giving Voice to Your Bold Endeavor"

I established Chuck Galco Voice Works, LLC in 2019 to create an opportunity to support and work with others that have a vision, an idea, or even a - dare I say - bold endeavor.

I have produced everything from audiobook narration, study guides to political action work. Years of avid audiobook listening have left me with a profound appreciation and enthusiasm for the medium of audio as a primary source of information transfer.

I have been a firefighter/EMT for over twenty-five years. Besides the standard fire “fare,” I have been a hazardous materials and incident management instructor, having had the privilege of facilitating instruction at the in-house and regional level, as well as teaching at the national level.

As a veteran of both the United States Air Force and Navy, a comedy contestant with the Air Force's Tops In Blue, college radio and TV stuff, community theater, and instruction - performance and relationships have been keystones in my life.

From the Woods of Wisconsin, the North-coast of Ohio, and to the Heart of the West Texas prairie - and few points in between, I have enjoyed collecting the unique qualities and vocal cadences that surround us.

I have a knack for accent mimicry (a talent that can get you sent to the principal's office if you are not careful.) I am working with Second City’s Cooper Shaw in her online Dialect series to build on that knack to bring characters to life.


I have taken advantage of several online courses through Gravy for the Brain, Tim Tippets’ Audition Ready, as well as Mark Russell’s audio production course. I have worked with the talented Nancy Wolfson on commercial performance.

With over 35 audiobooks narrated and produced on the ACX platform, I feel like I am starting to understand a little about long-form narration.


Developing the skills to prepare, narrate, edit, and produce an audiobook that someone is willing to listen to or even pay for has been rewarding. Again, with over 35 titles available on several platforms, it’s been an adventure.

Also, participating in several political action campaigns has been rewarding as well.


With a treated space for voice-over production and the software to deliver high quality -.wav or mp3 files - I look forward to being of service to you and your team now and in the future.