Catharine Daddario

Catharine Daddario

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"My natural voice is reassuring and friendly."

For commercial and straight forward work, I can be sophisticated and sexy, upbeat and friendly, reassuring and mature - I am familiar with the current commercial trends, and with the marketing of many products, so I can match the intended attitude with ease!
For character work and animation, I do many young voices, particularly a number of teenage girls and boys. I'm great at creating a voice for animals, bad moms, mischervious villains. I love working to create something new that will work for my client's unique ideas. I love taking my commercial voices and pushing them just a little (or a lot) further for the heightened circumstances that story-telling requires!


I studied for 3 years with Voice Over Teacher Anna Garduno. I also have a 15 year background in theatre and film acting.


I have worked with V Strategies to advertise newly build neighborhoods an make them sound inviting and safe, on sexy perfume ads for Dior, and am proud of my work on a myth podcast series where I performed a warrrior who fought Medusa, a woman who is turned into a cat, and a woman who was turned into a piece of paper. I performed two voices and am waiting to receive a final copy of a fun animation show about two roommates, one of whom has to fight her "depression" monster.


I can provide clean, finalized voice tracks ready for you to use.