Carmen Khan

Carmen Khan

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"Assuring, warm, trustworthy , authoritative, and vibrant."

My voice is warm and reassuring, but also has a vibrancy that expresses a vitality when presenting ideas or products. People trust my voice and feel that I have a confidence when expressing myself. I have long experience in storytelling as a theatre actor and that foundation serves me well when voice acting. I have an authentic British accent which includes many parts of the British Isles, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I am also well versed in the and Mid-Atlantic accent of the US. My voice is nuanced, able to bring out the subtleties of the text with humor, confidence, authority and polish.


Tim Phelan, VO talent and workshop coach. Marc Cashman, VO coach and VO talent. Neill Hartley, vocal coaching, techniques include Linklater, Cicely Berry (RSC), Patsy Rodenberg.

Master of Fine Arts, in Acting from The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (Voice training and vocal techniques)

I have been a theatre actor/director for over 30 years and have experience in front of the camera. My work has been primarily with Shakespeare and the classics which has given me excellent skills in articulation, breath control and primarily the art of storytelling.


The University of Pennsylvania
Voiceover for the medical community in Philadelphia, PA
Title- A Walk Through Time

The People's Light and Theatre Company
Malvern, PA
VO for A Christmas Carol

Willhelm Scholtz Studios
VO Dickenson Poem


Post Production