Carlos Diaz

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"Friendly, comedic, with a dash of serious, warm guy next door."

I excel at making scripts sound like natural, realistic conversations. I have a background in comedy, excellent timing and can sell any punch line or joke. Or even just make a script lighter in feel. I am also very good at warm and serious, not too serious (!) but authoritative concern and reassurance. I can do a variety of cartoon voices, and several accents very well.
I have done some uplifting motivational work for clients like Scotiabank, and the The Workers Compensation Board .
I have 26 years in the business as an actor, on camera and in front of the mic. I also teach VO through an online school and private coaching.


I first trained as an actor at the AADA in NYC, then continued with training in Canada. Voice over I pretty much learned on the job, it's been 26 years of commercials and cartoons and video games, film and tv as well. Have trained with various singing coaches, dialect coaches (which I also do) and acting teachers that have added to my skillset over the years.


My most recent was as dialect coach and actor on Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft.
Scotiabank commercials for broadcast and corporate.
Fido mobile - large Canadian mobile company for which I was the animated Luchador (true story) spokesperson for 5 years.
Director of radio commercials for companies like Bell Canada and Tim Horton's.
VO instructor at On The Mic Training online.

This is a very small overview of the work I have done.


My skills are dialects (Spanish, Scottish, NY The Bronx, British, General American and more) comedy, writing and directing. I am able to do a very competent job at editing my voice work through Pro Tools, for which I have trained privately to learn.