Bryan Hammond

Bryan Hammond

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"Voice with contemporary authority and a cool confidence"

⭐️ Bryan Hammond is an authentic voice with contemporary authority and a cool confidence that draws a listener in. He's the voice you're looking for to tell your story, that can also bridge the gap between generations.

I have dedicated my career to the authentic craft of storytelling to successfully bring your project to life. And additionally, my aim is to make the experience as easy as possible. While no voice is perfect for every project, I am committed to being an efficient, professional and "right" choice to make your project a complete success.

I am a full-time, highly trained voice actor with a Source-Connect Standard equipped professional quality studio approved by George Whittam, Audio Engineer to the Voice Over Stars. Experienced professional voice actor with many years performing eLearning and corporate narration projects and ten years in Hollywood acting on-camera prior to my corporate career. There's a high probability that I fully understand your project as I have an extensive background from business to a formal science education to sports to music. This helps me bring a truly authentic, honest and highly flexible voice to your project.

I am so passionate about my voice acting craft that I pursued and secured the US Trademark: "You Found Your Voice"®.

Allow me the opportunity to voice life into your project. Let's see what we can create together.


“Bryan Hammond is a natural storyteller. He is smart, talented, professional, and easy to work with! So whatever project you have that needs a voice, Bryan will bring it to life!”
- Joyce Castellanos - Director, Producer, Voice Coach and my continuing personal Mentor

Joyce is my personal long-term and on-going voice coach. She is an extremely experienced audio director/producer and coach with more than 25 years at NBC, Disney Channel, Warner Bros. Marketing and The WB Television Network.

I continuously train as an actor with professional teachers and coaches such as the Voice Actors Studio, Weist-Barron Hill, Los Angeles Film Actor's Lab and Del Mar Media Arts. I am a member of GVAA (Global Voice Acting Academy).


For many years I have performed professional presentations in eLearning and corporate narration projects. This is in addition to my nearly ten years in Hollywood acting in TV pilots, movies, soap opera and industrial films. All, after years of acting training in Los Angeles.

I am highly "directable" as I have years of professional experience working in television and film on-camera. This extensive experience means that I am fully able to self-direct to produce professional voice over recordings in my own professional studio per your specifications.

I can also be valuable to a project's production due to the wide variety of skills and knowledge that I have accumulated. These skills and experience help me understand your script on a deeper level and assist me to make better choices when it comes to voicing your project.


I can master and deliver "broadcast quality" recorded audio files for clients from my professional home studio. And I can deliver the highest quality audio right into your studio via Source-Connect Standard and BodalgoCall.

I can be remote directed via phone patch using Zoom, Skype, phone and BodalgoCall, and my professional home studio is equipped with Source-Connect Standard for remote direction and the highest quality remote recording.

I am highly skilled in authentic American English and can review your script for accuracy and intent upon request. I can also perform character voices and some regional American accents upon request.

I am in the Chicago/Houston time zone, but that is of no consequence as I am available to you around the clock. I will make every attempt to meet your project's needs quickly and professionally.