Brett Bender

Brett Bender

Mitglied seit 5 Jahren •
"Friendly, approachable, versatile, and reliable"

A resonant voice with a dynamic pitch. Can provide everything from the guy next door to something more astute and authoritative. Warm and rich resonance works well with e-learning modules, PSAs, documentaries, and commercials, along with professional presentations needing a caring and trustworthy feel.


Professional training with Edge Studio, along with continued training with certified voice coaches, acting instructors, voice technique teachers, and improv.


Past Clients include: McDonald's, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, Paypal, Omni Media, New Sky, Kia, Earley Enterprises, St. Vincent Hospital, Carillion Clinic, Pause Emote, Nikon, Kevin Mitnick Security, and many more.


In addition to voice work, I also offer a full array of audio production work, including copy writing and editing.