Bob Cryer

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren •
"Warmth, gravity, authority & wit"

Bob has a warm, authoritative voice that listeners find comforting and reassuring. A former continuity announcer for the BBC, he specialises in imparting technical and specialist information in a smooth and friendly manner. Also a writer and a classically trained actor, Bob can not only add epic to the everyday, but also bring the complex to the simplest script. Although his deep, assured tones are especially well suited to dramatic emphasis, Bob is equally at home with comedy.


Bob trained at LAMDA and has over twenty years experience as an actor on stage and screen.


He has worked as voice talent in the UK and North America with clients such BRITISH GAS, BBC, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5, CAILLER, VW, THE GLENLIVET, SHELL, VODAFONE, & SONY.


Bob specialises in epic reads for high end clients. He also delivers effective scientific narratives and upbeat motivational storytelling.