Bhavnisha Parmar

Bhavnisha Parmar

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"Warm, calm and clear voice... conversational, fun and friendly."


Within the commercial and corporate worlds, I have been hired specifically for the clarity and depth in my voice as well as my comedic touch.

I have played a large variety of characters both in terms of style and age with my vocal range, right through from product animations and vintage urban videos to high end corporate business, working in the UK, US and Indian markets.

I have three years training in both comedy and improvisation as well as four years on screen acting experience., which allow me to adapt to narratives and audiences very quickly.

I have a strong work ethic, all the usual practices of professionalism, quality and good business. But putting work aside, I bring as much passion, fun and laughter towards the projects I voice, ready to create and collaborate with every individual company and their needs. Never a session without a smile.

It's good to have a good product, but great to have a great one!


Mary Lynn Wissner - Vocal Coach
Elaine Clarke - Vocal Coach
Dave Fennoy - Gaming Coach and VO Actor
Sarah Jane Sherman - Disney Casting Director
Tom Keegan - Gaming Coach and Actor
Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson - Voice Coaches
Arts Educational Drama School - Laura Carroll
Jack Waltzer (LA) - Meisner Technique and Vocal coach


My experience includes working on a variety of Commercials (TV, Radio and Online), Corporate Videos, Animations, E-Learning, VR Systems, Audiobooks and Documentaries.

My voice is a warmer tone, friendly, conversational and natural. And most recently I have worked with companies such as Apple, Sony, Expedia, Twitter, Vitality, Reebok, DPD, Braun, P&G, Wella, The BBC, RB, Nokia, Vodaphone, HSBC and many more.

**Highlight 2020** I have playing the regular role of Sonya Khan in the Doctor Who TV series.

Please se my showcase for all my latest work and credits:


I am able to do a wide variety of UK accents including (Northern, Midlands and London)

I am able to voice in many different foreign accents, such as Indian, American and Australian.

I am able to hold a note and sing in character too.

Please note home studio capabilities and connections above.