Beth B Harrison

Beth B Harrison

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"Versatile, natural, friendly, warm, confident, believable"

I'm a voiceover artist with a 27-year background in speech-language pathology, specializing in adult voice and swallowing disorders. This gives me insight into the workings of the voice and how to utilize it most efficiently and effectively to meet the client's needs. I also served in the Air Force for over 20 yrs. I have experience briefing Senior Executives, giving presentations, and narrating ceremonies. I learned the importance of being prepared, reliable, and prioritize follow-through and respect for quick-turn deadlines.


I received the majority of my training via Edge Studio, where I've worked with voiceover artist Danielle Quisenberry for individualized coaching. I've taken all of their courses, as well as many additional courses offered by leading VO professionals. I'm a life-long learner, and continue to receive coaching and instruction. I've diversified my training to include voiceover performance, audio/technical, home studio operation, and business and marketing.


I have 27 years experience as a communication expert, given my background as a speech-language pathologist and Air Force officer. I am an aspiring voiceover artist, with a vast amount of complimentary experience to bring to my client's projects.


I can sing alto.