Anthony Hewson

Anthony Hewson

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"A warm, rich and reassuring natural RP English voice"

My voice is regularly described by clients as reassuring, believable, trustworthy, articulate, intelligent, confident, authoritative, deep, gravelly, natural, and warm. More eyebrow-raising descriptions include seductive, sexy, velvety, sophisticated, like being wrapped in a warm blanket, and chocolate with hazelnut pieces. My accent is a natural RP, which I can equally easily adjust to heightened RP or estuary English.

In March 2022 I was nominated for four categories in the UK's national One Voice voiceover awards: Best Male Voice Over Artist in a TV/Web Commercial, Best Male Voice Artist in a Radio Commercial, Best Male Voice Artist in a Documentary, and UK Male Voiceover of the Year. In 2021 I was a finalist for Best Male Voiceover Performance at the VOX Awards and a shortlisted finalist in three categories at the One Voice awards: Best Male Demo Reel, Best Male Voiceover in a Radio Ad, and Best Male Voiceover in a TV/Web Commercial. I was a shortlisted finalist for Best Male TV Commercial Voiceover at the 2019 One Voice awards and shortlisted in two categories at the 2018 One Voice Awards.


I studied for LAMDA exams, acted and sang in numerous productions throughout my school days, culminating in European tours and studying drama at university. My voiceover training includes: Decoding Video Game Sides, with Tom Keegan; Developing Your Character Voices, with Lori Alan; Acting for Motion Capture, with Victoria Atkin; Spies, Actors and Games, with Mark Estdale; voiceover workshops, with Peter Morris and Jon Briggs; The Commercial Read, with Mary Lynn Wissner; The Promo Read, with Jeff Howell; The True Tell, with Dave Walsh; Improv for Voiceover, with Scott Parkin; Voiceover for Animation, with Dave Peacock.

I've also been a copywriter and editor for more than a decade - using words to influence and engage across all sorts of channels and for all levels of audience (B2C and B2C). My experience includes video scripts, training, presentations and advertising - which means I understand the roles that rhythm, inflection, structure and flow play in voiceover delivery, and how to maximise listener impact, from creative, voiceover and audience perspectives.


My voiceover really began at the insistence of an employer - and subsequently clients of my copywriting business - who variously asked me, unprompted, to record voice of god for an award ceremony, an IVR system and assorted corporate videos. I had recorded more than 80 voiceovers, including for Oracle Corporation and several Microsoft partners, before I even began to advertise voiceover as a service. I've been recording voiceover for professional clients for around five years, encompassing explainer and corporate videos, commercials, telephony systems, e-learning and announcements.


I offer fundamental post-production editing of my voiceovers, depending on client preference. As a professional copywriter and editor, I offer additional scriptwriting and editing services, frequently working with international firms and translators to provide more natural and persuasive copy and scripts.