Amy Quick

Mitglied seit 5 Jahren
"American skilled in commerical/corporate styles"
Amy Quick

I can perform a range of North American accents and a variety of styles, such as:
*Reassuring, professional style for corporate and educational narration
*Quirky/perky, media-savvy or motherly tone for commercial work
*Engaging and articulate for audiobook narration
*Strong/wise or character-like for animated or videogame work


* Voiceover coaching at the Actor's Centre, London
* 29 years' acting experience and education in drama at Syracuse University, New York
* 13 years' writing and editing experience
* 3 years' presenting experience, leading writing workshops


*Voice of Selma in web series “5000 Years”, 2018
*Quickbooks/TSheets training video narration, 2018
*RRD Creative: Smart Redeem product video narration, 2018
*Travelport: Service/product video narration, 2018
*Backwood Entertainment: Voices of Ranger Jervis, Bartender Lux, Mom, Nervous Cultist, emergency hotline operator in “Unforeseen Incidents” video game, 2018
*Rascal Media: Marco Polo educational app promotional video narration, 2017
*Swhype: Konica Minolta videos narration, 2017
*AstraZeneca video narration, 2017
*RRD Creative: Dechert promotional video narration, 2017
*Tignum: Nutrition- and movement-related content narration, 2017
*Iceland Travel Companion app promotional video narration, 2017
*Pinewood Studios: Background voice work in major feature film, 2017
*Azoya video narration, 2017
*The East Wing: Voices of lead scientist and pilot in “Eve: Valkyrie” virtual-reality video game, 2016–17
*Bomo Audio: video narration, 2017
*Jazwares: Bottle Squad toy line introductory video, 2017
*SkyArts: Voice of newsreader in Muhammad Ali episode of “Urban Myths”, 2017 *Talking Edge: Online corporate tutorial narration, 2016
*Bomo Audio: The Lancet Oncology online video narration, 2016
*Bomo Audio: BankCheck product video narration, 2016
*Universe Print: “Supergirl” voiceover product descriptions, 2016
*Clickspace, Canada: Technical services explanation for website, 2016
*Daily Step, London: English-language online learning tutorial voiceover, 2016
* Raconteur Media, London: Willis Towers Watson corporate video series narration, 2016
* SIKT Media, Norway: Kildeboksen promotional video narration, 2015 (
* Mellor & Scott, London: Egencia promotional video narration, 2015
* Control Risks, London: Online technology tutorial narration, 2012
* Syracuse University, New York: audiobooks, 1997


I can perform production to remove breaths and polish a recording for immediate use. Moreover, I share my studio with an award-winning composer for TV, film and online projects, Richard Dutnall ( and he is available for background music you may need for your projects.