Amy Parry

Amy Parry

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"British but based in the EU - warm, intelligent and persuasive."

The British Voice In Europe! Unlike other UK-based British voice overs my voiceover company is based in the EU so after Brexit it will still be just as quick and easy to use my voiceover services - no extra paperwork, VAT complications or extra tax issues to deal with.

As a voice over I am very experienced in commercials, IVR (phone) and narrations, and especially in complicated medical, technical and legal scripts.

I work every day from my home studio, it's my full-time job, so I am always available. I am also good with certain accents, having lived and worked in various regions around the world.


From working as producer as well as voice artist


Recent clients include Tesco, Sally Hansen, Wrigleys, Invitalis, Thomson, Unilever and Panasonic.


I can record, edit and deliver professional quality voiceover audio. I am very experienced in delivering audio in large multiples of files, such as for phone or IVR systems.