Alan Irving

Alan Irving

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Since 2012, I have been working exclusively with Corporate clients by recording, editing and producing finished narrated products so they can connect and engage with their existing and prospective colleagues. Some of my favourite clients are Twitter, Huawei and Qiddiya in Dubai.
The one thing I love about what I do is having the freedom and creativity to work with the client in order to interpret their requirements and express their vision.
Originally from the "slightly warmer" climes of Essex in the Southeast of England, I'm now based in the Rossendale Valley, nestled in the Pennines of Lancashire in the North-West where I run my own home studio and vocal booth.
I have garnered a great client base during my career and can deliver high energy/uptempo reads to more softer/gentler requirements.
Whilst my voice lends itself very well to e-learning, corporate, documentary style, and IVR telephone messaging services, character voices and "off the wall" impressions have been known to make an audible appearance!
Working from my home studio means that I am readily available and prepared for that fast turnaround that is so often required. My voice has a natural warmth and a uniqueness that is delivered softly but with an air of authority - so not overly commanding... more conversational - think of how a trustworthy friend might give some good honest advice.


VOMasterclass - January 2012

The Voiceover Network - Above and BeVOND - September 2019


Just a few of my clients are listed here:

Twitter, Huawei, Qiddiya, Tayanna Studios, Mercuri International, Biota Group, Cerebroid Media, Korn Ferry, China Recording Studios, MediaLocate, DaHouse Audio,
N+P Group, China Merchants Shipping Company, Interbrand, Big Kahuna Films, Kia, Acorn Electricals, Uptons Transport, Car User Motorist Superstore, DaChan Bay Terminals.


Editing and producing voiceovers to genre related non-copyrighted music.

As a Guitarist of the "ROCK" variety, having enjoying playing in bands and all the delights that gigging has to offer, music is my life. Writing and recording in my home studio is a great passion of mine.