Adrián Khalifé

Adrián Khalifé

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"I deliver it as fast as you need it with the quality you deserve"

A Voice-Over artist is an actor. My job is to perform your script and change my voice character as you need it. I would classify my voice in categories like: Young, warm, deep, versatile, neutral spanish.
I can deliver audio files in 24 hours.


I've been working as a VO for 10 years for different companies in Latin America. My primary goal in front of a mic is to transmit through my voice the emotions and feelings needed in order to achieve my clients objectives.

Locuto hace 10 años y he venido trabajando para diversos clientes en varios países de Latinoamérica.
Mi objetivo principal frente al micrófono es transmitir a través de mi voz las emociones, sensaciones y sentimientos que cada pieza de comunicación requiere.


Nintendo, Coca-Cola, Axe, Mc. Donalds, Renault, Domino's Pizza.


I am a music producer for advertising and I own a professional recording studio.