Zach McCoy

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"Clear, youthful, and earnest"
Zach McCoy

I have been lucky enough to book everything from troubled teen to concerned narrator describing serious medical conditions. My voice is very clean and crisp, which naturally lends itself to narration or audio books. I also have a lot of youth in my voice, so that helps when clients need a teen or young adult voice but want to work with a more experienced actor.


I have been acting for nearly 25 years on stage and screen. Voice over work is something I have only been involved with now for almost 10 years, and it has become another great passion of mine. I grew up in the Midwest, focused solely on stage acting in college (Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana), and have lived and worked in New York City for the past 18 years. I approach copy like a stage actor approaches a script - however mundane the text may seem, there is always an underlying motivation and purpose for the narrator. Having booked quite a few jobs in the New York market and recorded literally hundreds of auditions, I feel like I have a good sense for what a client is looking for in a finished product. I take direction well, and I thrive off of collaboration.


I have been the primary voice for WebMD's 2 minute animated videos for 4 years. I have also booked jobs for Ben and Jerry's, Toyota,, Vanguard Investments, and several small regional businesses.


I do very basic post-production work on my files, but it's enough that I can assure you a very clean and finalized recording. I have Source Connect as well, so if you'd like, you can patch in a directed session in real time.