Yeni Alvarez

Yeni Alvarez

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Yeni Alvarez’s voice is the trusted announcer, the mom, the neighbor next door, or your teenage daughter. For animation, her voice range goes from child, to teen, to hero to villain, to monster, to werewolf, to teacher etc… Her demos can be found on her website

-Youthful, fresh, lively and energetic young voice for teen voices.
-Classic, elegant, warm, sincere and compassionate mom-voice for inspirational roles.
-Polished and highly identifiable announcer voice, excellent for radio and television commercial campaigns.
-Clear, crisp and professional for all your professional reads; ie. presentations, message on hold, telephony, and training videos.
-Sexy, inviting and enticing voice for all your commercial character reads.

Creative and expressive for audio books and narrations, Yeni’s acting chops earned her a lead role in the award-winning sitcom for Telemundo, “Los Beltran.” Her many character voices range from the evil werewolf to the innocent school girl, from heroine to truly villainous, like her role on WB’s Static Shock where Yeni played Aqua Maria, the half-woman-half-water villain.

Yeni Alvarez’s Home Recording Studio in Los Angeles, California is equipped to deliver mp3s, WAVE files, CDs etc with a 24 hour turnaround. ISDN and phone patch available upon request.


Voice Over Talent for the past 15 years. :)

-Animation Coach: Ned Lott
-Celebrity Voice Match Coach: Ben Hoppe
-Animation Classes: Andrea Romano
-Voice-Over Workshop: Mario Martin
-Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - Florida International University.
-Continuing Education - UCLA.


"Yeni Alvarez is one of my favorite VO actors. To begin with, she has a beautiful, natural instrument which I can only say is a gift from God. Her Spanish is absolutely flawless. In addition, she is one of the most professional actors I’ve had the pleasure to record with. She is on time, prepared, ready to work and always comes in with a positive attitude. Aside from all that she has brought a great deal of joy to the millions of visitors to our Disney parks in California and Florida. I consider myself lucky to work with Yeni and look forward to many more opportunities."

--Brian Nefsky, Walt Disney Company


Yeni Alvarez's voice can be heard at all the Walt Disney Parks where she tells you (in Spanish) to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times!

You also heard Yeni for the past 5 years as the voice of Albertsons, and if you saw Academy Award Winner "Happy Feet" you heard her voice in the background as many of the Latin penguins and in the chorus of the fabulous songs!

Yeni is also the voice of Carmela in "Handy Manny" cartoon on the Disney Channel!


• Voiceovers (Spanish & English)
• Voiceover Casting and Directing
• Voiceover Production and Consulting

• Voice services include:
-TV and Radio Commercials
-Film Dubbing
-Training videos
-IVR Prompts / Phone Prompts
-Video Games / Toys
-Voice Mail greetings
-On Hold messages
-Industrial narration