Tracy Geipel

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"Give your project a unique voice!"
Tracy Geipel

My voice is naturally in the alto range, middle-aged, with an ever-so-slight United States Southern touch. I was born and raised in the midwest of the United States. I am also able to sound like an older adult as well as a younger adult in their 20s – 40s. Unique? My voice is a little different from most other female voice actors.

My enunciation is precise, and I am able to sound warm, cool, like an academic, or like a regular everyday person. Due to my interest in science, I am able to smoothly pronounce technical terms and sound as if I know what I am talking about.

I can narrate in German, even though I am not fluent (my Father was from Munich, Germany). My accent, however, is very American!


Mr. Bill Smith, The Acting Studio, Denver Colorado USA

I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University. My major was in Performing Arts (emphasis on technical theatre) and my minor was English.


I have only been doing professional voice-over work since November 2017, and this experience includes audio books and telephony. Two of my audio books are actually short, humorous erotica published under a pseudonym on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Please contact me for the URL links to both samples. I have also recorded telephony at a company for whom I was formerly employed. Mr. Smith covers every category of voice-over in his classes, so in class I have performed audio books, commercials, PSA, narration, and corporate narration.


My recordings are clean and well-engineered, ready for production. Usually, I am able to offer 24-hour turnaround. I am a musician, even though I don't currently play, and am able to read music as well as guitar tablature. If you have a script that involves inserting narration into a musical score, I'm capable.