Tordy Clark

Tordy Clark

Membro à 2 anos
"Calm, smooth, upbeat, informative ALL IN ONE VOICE."

A long-time narrator in Tokyo Japan, and Los Angeles, USA, Tordy's voice is both smooth,
intelligent, upbeat, and soothing.
Tordy has narrated documentaries, education shows, sat-nav intelligence and learning channels.
Her voice reassures and soothes, gives listeners the experience of deep founded knowledge
and capability.
A positive, upbeat and refreshing voice that also calms and meditates.

Tordy can provide both USA Mid American and authentic UK accents.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more samples.


RADA, London UK.
Second City, Los Angeles.
Groundlings, Los Angeles.
Old VIc Theatre, London, UK.
National Theatre, London UK.


Saturn GPS Sat-nav system.
Emergency voiceover Ibix airlines.
NHK - multiple documetaries.
- The Andes, Nepal, Great Outdoors, Fashion Express
Himalaya, Tokyo Fasion Expo.
VO dubbing for multiple documetaries.
Honda Inversion machine tutorial.
Commercials- Wella haircare system, Jp.
Anime ideo Game - Evagelian VO.
Langiage LIttles - Los Angeles Jp VO in Italian.


Intermediate Japanese, Italian.
Regional UK accents. Scottish, Irish, Yorkshire.