Tony Beck

Tony Beck

Membro à 10 anos •
"Tony Beck, French Male Voiceover Talent"

Are you looking for a French radio commercial voice over talent who can maximize the impact of your radio advertising? Actor and dubbing specialist Tony Beck offers his multi-faceted voice for the purpose of your French voice casting for both radio commercial dialogues and straight messages. Tony has numerous radio campaigns under his belt including commercials for Thomas Cook, Toyota, Domino's Pizza, Canon, Sky Television, Foot Locker, Philips and many other leading advertisers. His neutrally-accented English is perfect for corporate videos. This is also ideal for markets which are increasingly international. Moreover, Tony owns a home-based studio, which helps him deliver your audio fast and at a reasonable rate.


Tony Beck has over 20 years of experience as a voiceover talent.


Tony Beck specialises in fields as varied as E-learning, corporate, dubbing, radio and TV commercials, acting, viral marketing, etc.