Tobe Uwaechina

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Tobe Uwaechina

Hi! My name is Tobé, pronounced: Toe-Bay. A little bit about me and how I got started in this industry. In grade school, I took one digital filmmaking class and that piqued my interest in screenwriting and video & audio production. While I was in college, I had the opportunity to take Drama/Theater Theory, which helped me develop my narration skills and explore different ways to animate scripts using my voice and movements. The humanities courses I took introduced me to authors of varying backgrounds and unique literary work that broadened my understanding of the artistry of literature.
My creative writing course allowed me to express my individuality and learn innovative ways of writing.
I have a passion for education and through my work experience, I have been able to utilize my Voice Artistry for eLearning. As an online English Writing Tutor, I have read countless books and literary material to my students and I am constantly coming up with new voice techniques to help them enunciate words and also bring the story to life to make it fun and intriguing.
I also have a bubbling 6-year-old son who enjoys scary and adventurous stories, whom I also use for endless narration practice.
My favorite genres of literature are science fiction, mystery, and history. I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts and various news podcasts.


Online Voice Coaching.


Working with ACX to create audiobooks.