Tisch Parmelee

Tisch Parmelee

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"Engaging, Sincere, Knowledgeable. The Voice of a Lady."

Greetings! Beyond my exotic visage you'll hear the voice of a Lady. You can hear me five times a week via the Umano app. In addition to the demos provided here on Bodalgo, I'm happy to send you a link to the latest narration (usually 1 to 2 days prior), all you have to do is ask. Politely. *smile*

My non-fiction narration falls between a "knowledgeable friend" & professional tone. Listeners are engaged and want (dare I say, need) to know more. New information becomes palatable and intriguing.

I have been providing studio-quality, digital narration since 2006. Feel free to listen to demos & voice samples in my portfolio.

Minimum projects begin at $150.


1985 - Voice & Diction
1986 - Theatre & Voice
1993 - Speech & Debate
2005 - On-Camera Narration
2010-2012 Several Pat Fraley Workshops: Technique, Character Voices, Auditioning, Audiobooks, Marketing (via download & online)


Umano (App, Newsreader)
Audible.com (Audiobook Creation Exchange)
Host of the weekly podcast, "Watch Your Language!"
Harry Strange Radio Drama (2 starring recurring roles, 3 seasons)
Podcastle, Shadowcast Audio, Drabblecast, Aether Age Anthology


My services include:
Apps, Audiobooks, Audio Tours, Documentaries, Educational & ESL, eLearning, Medical Narration, Podcast & Radio Bumpers, Real Estate Audio Listings, Software Modules, Special English (VOA-Style Levels 1 & 2), Training Videos, Voicemail

Whether you need a persuasive, musical, smooth, sultry, knowledgeable, humorous, cheeky, approachable, professional or sarcastic tone... or a little of everything... you'll get it.

Languages: American English, Canadian French (semi-fluent), British English (bi-dialectal), Latin

On a happy note...

...I have my own professionally built voice booth - NOT A CLOSET.
...I can mix music and sound effects.
...I can perform long-form narration and have an affinity for it.
...I will discuss budget & time limits.
...I offer preferred rates for established clients.
...I ask for clarification when necessary.
...I am respectful towards you & your business.
...I expect professionalism & decency from you.
...I am happy to answer questions regarding your project.

On a serious note...

...I do not offer reduced rates on a promise of repeat work. My rates are always fair. I live in the same economy as you.
...I do not do projects of a fear/hate mongering or x-rated nature.
...I do not accept projects below $150.

My clients (local & global) are genuinely sincere, wonderful people to work with. They're as discerning as I am. I take a personal interest in every project I receive and offer personal & professional service. I look forward to adding you to my client list!