Theodore Stabile

Theodore Stabile

Membro à 3 anos •
"Want it read? Hit up Ted!"

Searching for the ardent personality your character's voice deserves

From animated charlatans and clowns to gravely apocalypse survivors; From nerds to nobility, geeks, gurus and guys next door- my voice can bring your project the personality it deserves!


White Lake Music And Post - Voice Coaches Premiere Training Program

Ned Lott - Character Casting Intensive

Andy Roth - One on One NYC Voiceover

Raechel Messer - Voiceover in Video Games


Saint Rose E-Sports - Golden Knights Overwatch E-sports Commentator

Yomi No Kuni - Various NPCs

Talaat Al' Awadi - Explainer video Narrator


Extron A/V Certified
CompTia A+ certified

Experience in Adobe Suite (Focus on Audition, Premiere, After Effects)