Sydney Flak

Sydney Flak

Membro à 6 anos
"Young, fresh, millennial sound for your project."

My natural speaking voice has that millennial, down-to-earth sound that people can easily relate to. But my range doesn't end there! I can give a casual yet professional tone for on-hold/ IVR, I'm also skilled at the cute and excited voice for kids commercials. I can be a young mom or a totally annoyed teenager. My interest doesn't stop at commercial VO. I can also do explainer videos and creative character projects! I can do all kinds of voices for video games, animations, web comics, or anything else! I'm always experimenting, and always learning. So whatever the project, I'm sure I can help you out!


I've been involved with the Global Voice Acting Academy for several years, so I've had professional training from successful VA's like Cristina Miizia, Anne Ganguzza and David Rosenthal. I've also had classical voice training since I was 12!


I've done character work for companies like Hasbro, Spin Master, Jaaks Pacific, and Funrise. I've done explainer videos for several companies like LulaRoe, Unilever, and Basco Asia. I've done commercials for Lemonade Insurance and Centennial homes. I've also done Kickstarter style videos for the Shimmering Sentinel by Stealth Spinners, and Hot Orange 3D Pen.


I have had classical singing training since I was 12, so if your character needs to do some Disney style singing, or if your company needs a jingle, I'm your girl!