Susan Cooper

Susan Cooper

Membro à 6 anos
"Bright, Friendly, Confident, London tones."

I have a confident presenting style which lends itself to narrative projects. My reassuring tone suits e-learning scripts and audioguides and I consider my voice a friendly helping hand to the listener as I record these scripts. I am able to connect with the listener on several levels depending on how I approach a project; whether it is using my Kentish tones to provide information or by using my more relaxed London tones to narrate an online video. I believe I am a versatile narrative speaker, comfortable with recording short telephone messages or more lengthy projects. I have superb sight-reading skills; though I like to take time to get to know a script fully before delivering my final audio file.


I have been a professional newsreader on a local radio station for the last 10 years. As a broadcast journalist I have had to react quickly to breaking news, live on air as well as writing and preparing hourly and half hourly bulletins. More recently, I have had a home studio installed and am now able to offer voiceover from home.


Always up for a challenge, I have recorded voiceovers for an array of genres; from gaming to adverts and corporate to am dram. As a professional broadcaster I present live news bulletins on the hour during my regular freelance shifts at kmfm; a local radio station in Kent, England.


I love editing audio and am not completely satisfied unless it sounds the best it possibly can. I will never send out second rate work. I put my heart and soul into what I do and the end product is a reflection of my reputation, therefore, there is no room for second rate recording and editing in my world. I am also able to proof-read scripts if necessary.