Steve Palazzo Jr.

Steve Palazzo Jr.

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"A variety of range, accents and characters. Ready to work!"

A young, energetic voice with the ability to do so much more. Trained in accents and character acting, and looking to expand to the needs of any customer.
Ability to read and write copy, and tailor it to your needs and to appeal to your audience. A long history of voiceover and audio production work has created a well-rounded and versatile talent.


Over 13+ years as a radio DJ and audio producer.
Trained as a stage actor and used by directors as a go-to for accents.


Please contact me directly for email/phone contact info for prior clients.


Radio Production (Station Imaging, Liners, Promos, etc.)
Narration / Voiceover for long and short-form projects
Music Composition / Sound Effects
Character voices and accents