Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Membro à 2 anos •
"A warm, friendly, sincere, clear, conversational and upbeat vibe"

I have an inner confidence and positivity that I bring into everything that I do. Voice acting is an amazing way for me to express my creativity. I strive to bring out the truth in each script and read with as much honesty and empathy to the main message that I can.


I’ve been a professional singer, songwriter and band leader since 1992.  I have spent countless hours working behind a microphone on stage and in the studio. My band wrote and recorded four albums worth of original music. Once off the road, I became a corporate media producer and pre-recorded countless voice of god messages for live events and tons of corporate video script reads for all my video producer colleagues. Spring of 2020 I received professional voice actor training from Beth Chaplin (*top-tier Minneapolis voice actor and voice coach).


I was recently chosen by Xcel Energy and Tangletown Post to be the voice for Xcel Energy's 2020 Annal Report Anthem Video.


I am a vocalist and songwriter with a love for exploring a wide range of unique voices.