Spencer LaBelle

Membro à 2 anos
"A Joyful & Full bodied sound!"
Spencer LaBelle

With a deep and resonant sound, as well as years of studying communication tactics both in and out of the field and classroom, has made Spencer an effective communicator, with a vocal toolkit equipped with various means of developing characters, verbally highlighting information in a digestible fashion, and having an enjoyable and engaging sound while maintaining a genuine conversational style.


Graduated with a BA in Theatre Studies from LSU department of Music & Dramatic Arts, Baton Rouge, LA trained in classical vocal techniques for stamina, diction, clarity, and projection.

Further coursework in Groundlings style Improvisation, Los Angeles, CA, training in improv, comedy, character work and spontanaiety.


Live performance in over dozens of shows, strengthening the voice with each one. Resume to be updated later.


Strong "radio style" voice. Frequently commented on in daily life.