Shriane Dream Phoenixx

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"This is the voice that your ears want to listen to."
Shriane Dream Phoenixx

I have been an improvisational actor for over 20 years and been training specifically as a voice talent for the last year. I have always been known as a storyteller and have been told by professionals that I have "a smooth, mellow voice that is rich and warm with a nice deep resonance; that has a good handle on using proper pitch, pacing and breath control." If you don't believe them, just have a listen.


For the last year I have trained online, at seminars and on location at North Seattle College with Such-A-Voice. I have worked extensively on commercial voice over, narration and character work; I am constantly honing and developing my skills. My studio (Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB 2.0 Audio Interface, XLR Mic Cable, Scarlett CM25 Condenser Microphone with pop filter, and HP60 Scarlett Headphones) is in Seattle, Washington.


I am a fresh voice talent that has done professional training for Mitsubishi, Gillette, Air B n B, Allstate, McDonalds, Bacardi, Visa, Salesforce, Nintendo, Nutella, Pandora, Wendy's, The Blue Angels, PIXAR, Dave's Killer Bread, Playstation, Henry Winehard's Root Beer, Veggie Grill, IGN, Tesla, Twitter, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.


I was previously a Marketing Director for a restoration company in Orlando, Florida, so I understand how to write copy. Before being the Marketing Director for that company, I was their top Salesmen; breaking every record the company had, so I know how to sell. There was some teaching involved in the Marketing Director position, which I had also done previously and is actually why I started in the business; I was known for improvising stories and characters for the children based off of their suggestions. For most of my career though, I have been in Customer Service, which has played a large part in my progression as a voice talent.