Shawn Motes

Membro à 2 anos •
"A relatable voice that you can trust!"

Voice over has been a passion of mine since I was a kid! Once I grew up I realized I could do much more than cartoons and now I've been living the dream for over 10 years! I've got a warm, guy-next-door voice that is very relatable and trustworthy. Because of that, I do exceptionally well with commercials and explainer videos. I also do well in corporate training, eLearning, and any instructional videos. Any project needing a voice that is natural and believable I do very well!


I've done training with several voice over coaches throughout the years, but the number one training I've attended is the school of hard knocks! I've also got an MBA from Utah State University and I can assure you that I've got a good handle on business and what is being looked for when marketing products.


I've done voice overs for various large and small companies throughout my 10+ years as a professional voice talent. Most notable include: Honda, Comcast, Fox, Hilton, Infiniti, Ford, Sams Club, and many more.


I've done some video editing, as well as converting Powerpoint presentations to video while syncing the voice over.