Scott Chatley

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"One Pair of Vocal Chords; Hundreds of Characters and Accents"
Scott Chatley

I'm an experienced, professional Voice Actor whose vocal range spans several genres. If you need: a rich, deep, eloquent manly-man; a fun, “Dad Joke” loving relatable father; a squeaky-voiced teen cashier; or any of my several characters or accents, you’ve come to the right place! I approach every project with a personal touch, great attitude, and dedication to serving my many clients.

I bring my national sound and diverse background to all my clients’ commercials, video games, and cartoons. From leprechaun to Santa Claus; teen surfer bro to macho man; Boston blue-collar to Transatlantic highbrow; or pretty much anything in between, I'm ready to to be the voice for your project or product!


SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local Conservatory, Member since 2016
Coaches / Directors:
Michael D. Cohen
Chris Game
Tom Shaker
Rusty Meyers
Dave Fennoy
Melissa Disney
Melissa Moats
Brent Mukai
Chad Letts

Also, dozens of courses at TVAS (The Voice Actors Studio)


My journey as a voicer started in 1992 when I voiced my first internal "Welcome" video for Ford Motor Company in Detroit, MI. I dabbled as an actor, singer, and stand-up comic in side-gigs, community theater, and open mics in the Detroit Metro area through 1998, when I was recruited to Microsoft and left most that world behind, though I did voice IVRs, internal training videos, and product demonstration videos for Microsoft, Axciom/Dataquick, NDC Health, Cardinal Health, and Nirvanix during that time. Fast forward through a full career in Information Technology, that found me settling in Las Vegas, NV, and my life has come full circle. My first foray back into voicing was in 2010 for a small, local Las Vegas law firm. I played a "guy in a panda suit" in-front of camera, and provided the VO that ran over the pantomime. That gig spun into several jobs over the last nine years for the same company doing "announcer style" VO for their TV ads, and character work for dozens of their radio spots. The firm, PandA Law, is now the largest Debt Relief firm in Nevada and is expanding nationally, with me continuing as their primary voice actor. For that same client, and through contract with KXNT, I hosted a successful radio talk show in Las Vegas (Debt Free LV) from 2012-2014.

Separately, in January 2015, I hopped back on as a stand-up at a Las Vegas open mic. I booked a paying gig immediately following my first set back after 16 years off-stage, but my passion to be a voice-actor remained. Soon after, I was featured (as VO and in-front of camera) in a Chevy Volt commercial. That experience made me SAG-AFTRA eligible, and I was able to join the Nevada Local Conservatory in 2016 to begin more formal training as an on-camera character actor, and voice actor.

I met Chad Letts through a mutual friend in 2017, and shortly thereafter he introduced me to The Voice Actors Studio which helped round out my training and allowed me to focus my efforts toward being a full-time professional voice talent. Most recently, in addition to local Las Vegas radio spots, I've performed as live-announcer and emcee at several events, re-voiced the monster characters in the too-be-released version of AlphaTug (Apple App Store video game), and I continue to work on my comedic timing via stand-up and improv.


Experienced Copywriter / Commercial Producer (non-union)
Stand-Up Comic
Improv Actor
Audio production (Audition, Reaper)
Podcast production
Technology and Marketing background