Membro à 2 anos
"My voice is direct, it has gravitas and meaning."

My work is unique because Its one of a kind. I bring forth warmth , sincerity and honesty in my own way. I'm believable.


I started training with Edge Studios in 2013. I studies with a few of the coaches there. Marjorie Kouns , Christine Thorne, Work shops with David Goldberg.
I trained with Maggie Phillips at the Actors Connection in NYC. Took master voice over workshop with John McKinney of Pulman sound.
I also took a masterclass with Mark Cashman. I was in a weekly workout Group with Larry Hudson (WoW). I've also taken improv classes over the years.


My biggest achievement to date is recording an audio book and recordings of children's books.


I took a course in how to edit in Audacity.