Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

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"Conversational, hip, funny, professional"

My voice is essentially caucasian, early 30's American. My tone hovers between a tenor and baritone. I have a number of castable voices in my arsenal, but here are some favorites:

- Young, hip, smart, "Apple guy" voice
- Slightly raspy, somewhat weary storyteller
- Smooth, professional instructional
- Big salesy baritone infomercial
- Conversational guy next door

- New York gangster
- Redneck/hick
- Sniveling villain
- Young hero
- Snobby Brit
- Warner Bros. goofball


I was a professional on-camera actor in my teenage years and early 20's. I starred in motion pictures, television, commercials, and live theater. So I have a wealth of performing experience. Then when music took over as my primary ambition, I got back into voice over as a means of paying off my home recording equipment.


Aside from demos at my own site: www.ryanthomasjohnson.com, you can hear my voice at
www.Pandora.com -I've been a voice for Pandora's advertising department for years, voicing for clients like Taco Bell, Nissan, and Subway. At this point, over 100 commercials under my belt.
www.TwistedMojo.com - I've lent my voice to every web series on this site.
www.NewFiction.com - I produced "The Venus de Milo Murders" a 6.5 hour full cast audio book, providing narration and half of the male voices.
Audiobooks - The Genesis Machine by James P. Hogan. Baby Boy Blue by Marilyn Brahen. Both available on Audible.


New York