Rory O'Shea

Rory O'Shea

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"Amazing range: Subtle, intense, conversational, authoritative"

Rory's voice is considered ‘North American English-Neutral' (no regional accent & most popular).

As a professional actor he can deliver dramatic, calm, gritty, intense, and compassionate reads with ease.

Whether you require an understated, subtle vocal delivery with a hint of compassion - or a more urgent and authoritative voice tone to convey your message, Rory will deliver the read you require.

He's extremely easy to direct with the ultimate goal of your 100% satisfaction of final delivery.


* Experience in television & radio with acting background in film & TV.

* Graduate of private VO Master Class course (2009)

* Member of the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa)


“Amazing reads - all 4 of them! I am so very impressed”

Elynne Dale , President - The Big Fish Voice Company


"...his accents are varied plus he alters his timbre, cadence and even pitch so well...easy to cast in multiple roles within the same episode."

Dee Shipley - Animation Casting Director - Dee & Company


“You are always professional, willing to work with me even with ridiculous deadlines and pretty much nail the read every time.”

Maria Khalil -Sales & Marketing - Promotion Manager-NBC-6, Miami


“Despite the vast geographical difference, it was great to be able to be patched in and take part in the recording process. It's been not only straight-forward but also a real pleasure to work with you.”

Garry Hart – DCA Design, England


A narrator with a great comedic sensibility and acting skills to help bring your script to life.