Robi Joseph

Robi Joseph

Membro à 4 anos
"Fun, genuine, persuasive, and charming all-arounder."

I’ve dedicated my life to becoming a voice that makes a difference, whether it’s behind the mic or away from it, and I carry that same fervor and enthusiasm when working with my clients. More than just the job, I care about the relationships I make and the bonds I forge.

I treat your brand as my own, your message as something I’m accountable to, and your values as what I share in. I believe. This alignment is what feeds the authenticity and energy of each performance.

Even with all the competition out there, I try to remain as indispensable and relevant as possible. I'm all about repeat business and giving my clients more and more reasons to keep using my services. I never rest on my laurels, I evolve and adapt to trends and movements, but still stay true to myself.


In the beginning, I soaked up everything I could from Dan O' Day's website at a time when voice over training was practically non-existent in my country. Otherwise, I had to learn the ropes the hard way, through trial and error. I was cast into the fire early on in my career, which that gave me the opportunity to learn about my strengths and weaknesses and help me really grow a voice artist. Today, I continue to train under the fantastic coaches of the Global Voice Acting Academy, and take what I learn to help others in my country through an association for voice talents called VocAlliance, which I formed along with many other local voice over veterans.


My greatest accomplishment has been becoming one of the Continuity Announcers of Nickelodeon Philippines and Asia for the past 15 years and counting, a tenure that spans my entire professional career. I've done imaging for radio and cable channels as well. Some of the biggest commercial clients I've serviced were KFC for 5 years and Petron for 4 years. I've done countless projects for banks, insurance, pharma, soaps, shampoos, beauty and skin care products, detergents, automobiles, restaurants, etc. I also have a lot of corporate clients for whom I do many of their business presentations, corporate videos and explainers.


I've also done my fair share of jingles and have helped produce and sing some original songs for Nickelodeon.