Rick Wimberly

Membro à 2 anos •
"Warm, experienced, credible, sincere, maybe even wise."

Known as The Grandude, Rick Wimberly is the guy down the street who serves on the local school board and can be depended on for advice, help and maybe a chuckle. Yes, an experienced voice, but one that maintains a bit of hipness - ideal for today when people of all ages are looking for comfort and credibility.


20+ years in broadcast, a break, then committed and ongoing voiceover training (partly to unlearn some of the things I learned in broadcast).


Back in the day, I did hundreds of commercials for hundreds of companies - mostly local. Now, I have spots running on most radio stations in Tennessee as the voice of the State to encourage drivers to make sure they have auto insurance. I spent a number of years doing other things, always thinking that if I returned to voice work, I would be much better at it - perhaps more conversational and relatable. With some outstanding (and blunt) coaching, a lot of practice and a strong demo, I'm beginning to believe that the break did me good.


I edit well, trained by some of the best in the early years. I love new technology, and am proficient with current editing tools. Frankly, my voice performance range is limited. I'm not that bright, young guy down the street...but, I do the Grandude very well.