Rick Gangi

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"real, natural, conversational, strong, wry"
Rick Gangi

I'm the regular guy with extensive range. From high energy to serious and sincere, sarcastic to Southern. I do an Italian dialect, Midwestern (Chicago), New York, cowboy character, flamboyant, sports play-by-play, numerous other character voices inluding bad movie trailer guy and cheesy announcer.

Also: greetings radio on hold on-hold voice mail voicemail voiceover voice over guy-next-door over-the-top wacky warm wry sarcastic accent northeast announcer business presentation video game corporate DVD friendly natural believable dialect


I started in college at University of Florida and learned voiceovers by doing, basically. I do it every day of the week as part of my job in Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York.

Broadcast career began in 1987. Began VO career in 1998. Also a SAG/AFTRA member since 1998. Since 2000, I have served as Creative Director at Q104.3 FM in New York City. I have been cast for voice overs in national, regional and local spots and programs in TV, radio, DVD and video games.

Located in New York City and Northern New Jersey.


Marvin Windows and Doors
Ricola (Carlos and Maria)
Poland Spring/Nestle Pure Life
Public Storage
Pepsi Corporate
DISH Network
Everwell TV
CVS Pharmacy
America West Airlines
EA Sports Video Games
Modell's Sporting Goods

... as well as many informercial, industrial, corporate and in-house projects.


Narration, DIY Network: 10 Best Kitchen Makovers