Rick Freeman

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"Credible and Compelling English Male Voice Over"
Rick Freeman

Rick Freeman's voice over and narration will bring professional confidence to your project, making it believable, informative, motivational and uplifting.
An American male voice over talent that is inviting and engaging, Rick Freeman's will voice our project with warmth and clarity; a voice ideal for corporate presentations, training and top-level marketing campaigns.
Rick Freeman is experienced and passionate, offering voice over talent services for commercials, trailers, narration, audio books, IVR, podcasts and any project that requires the human voice.


Rick Freeman began working in broadcasting while in high school in 1971. His expertise in radio programming and talent as a voice host led three Raleigh, NC FM radio stations to each reach their highest potential in the ratings.
Rick has been coached and mentored by some of America's top broadcasting talent. He has over 45 years experience as both voice over actor and as video producer/director.
Rick Freeman is a 1978 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill in their department of Radio, Television and Motion Pictures.


Hundreds of voice over projects have been recorded by Rick Freeman and his voice has been heard around the world on national networks covering the United States and dozens of countries spanning the globe. He has also voiced documentaries, commercials and motion pictures for clients in Denmark, Ukraine, India, Russia and the Philippines.


Rick specializes in video narration projects for use online, in corporate meetings, on radio and on television.